I Made Cookies

I know it's early for gingerbread - but what the heck!

These five Miniature Gingerbreadmen plushes are real and going to be for sale. I swear I'm not kidding. If you've been moping around for two years because you missed out on one of my handmade dolls, now's your chance.

I got bored when our power and water was out for five days and I found these guys in a drawer, perfectly cut out and embellished and just begging to be sewn together. So I pulled out my needle and stuffing and went to town hand sewing them. I had the hangtags, embroidered labels and numbered birth certificates too (left off at 724 two years ago so these are numbered 725-729).

And in case you might be wondering if this means I might make more handmade plushes, unfortunately it does not. One day of sewing and stuffing was enough and I'm firmly back to painting and printing :)

So take a sweet break and bite into a little gingerbread. Goes on sale Tuesday, September 20th at 3pm EDT.