Who's Shaking My House?

Well that was a crazy feeling. Working in my office, Ed was sitting on the floor next to me and my chair started shaking. My brain says, why is Ed shaking my chair? Then I hear creaking from upstairs and think, who the fuck is in my house?! Then I see that Ed's hand is not near my chair, which is still shaking and Ed is quietly saying, 'earthquake...earthquake...earthquake...'. (apparantly I was yelling, "Is this an earthquake?!" at that point)

Ran outside (ground still shaking) and our pond was swishing around but everything seems alright.

Not something we get everyday here in New Jersey.

And my mom just called and said that we are now in 'the cone' for hurricane Irene. Good. We could use some excitement around here.

Oh I almost forgot, my latest painting is going up for sale on Thursday at 3pm EDT in the shop.

Closeup from "Mutual Admiration"