My mom has had terrible arthritis in both her knees and her hip and hasn't been able to walk much. Last month she had a partial knee replacement and then decided it was time for the hip replacement. She went into surgery at 6:30 pm yesterday, out at 11 pm and this morning they are going to get her up and into physical therapy. That's some crazy shit y'all. How insane is it that they replaced a huge part of my mom 12 hours ago? My dad was talking with the surgeon and he was saying how they have to isolate the sciatic nerve so as not to damage it in the switch. He had it out and was holding it. No, thanks doc, but I really don't want to hear about all that. But then again, how amazing that this guy does this for a living? He's swapping out joints for people all day and then getting them right back up and going. Brilliant.

Many, many thanks to all the amazing people who helped and will continue to help my mom (and dad) at Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck, NJ.

And super big happy vibes to my mom to get her through the recovery and therapy.