I am not a girl

Well I am, but I am most definitely not girly. I do however, love to look at blogs from other women who seem to be able to stop time and accomplish so much in a single day. They are typically creative, they have a shop, they sew, they paint. They also have at least one small child, more than likely two or three. And their postings are filled with spectacular photos of all the lovely things they made that day. Usually involving a meal for their families with fresh ingrediants that they grew themselves then carved into cute little shapes or creatures. I am envious but realize that I will never and have never had the energy to do those types of things. So thankfully I can sit and live vicariously through these amazing women who seem to be able to do it all with flair.

There are many of these women but one in particular who I have had the pleasure of sitting down to coffee with and meeting her adorable youngest son and her husband Tom (In fact, Tom did Ed's new wrist tattoos last month ) is Heidi Kenney of My Paper Crane. Enjoy. Visit her site and then specifically her blog here