But I would much rather paint...

than go to the dentist. Couldn't we just work this out some other way? No.

My teeth will rot out of my head if I don't go? Yeah, that wouldn't be very good for business.

'Come see the amazingly creepy artwork by the toothless wonder!' That doesn't have a good ring to it, so I guess I'll go to the dentist. And I guess then I'll have to do some bills and a little food shopping and perhaps get a walk in as sitting hunched over my little plaques all day is starting to take a toll on my back, mind and overall body as well.

But I would much rather paint.

Oh and that fedex box sitting there has some 'real' work in it? And by 'real' you mean work that has to be done for our company that is still keeping our mortgage payed even though it's getting less and less as the months go on? Yeah, that fedex box. That will need to be scanned into the computer and timed out and colored so we can get a nice big check so that I can pay my bills regularly, get our teeth cleaned, go for walks, feed ourselves and our dogs without having to panhandle while Cuddly is still getting around to being a full-time gig.

I know it's hard to be a full time artist. I know that I'm coming into this late in the game and at quite possibly the shittiest time in history to try and be a full time artist. But I'm doing it. I don't care what you say or how cross eyed you look at me, because I really would rather be painting. AND best of all, I would rather be promoting my painting, talking to everyone about my painting and pushing my paintings than anything else right now. Is that enough to make it a full time gig? Not yet, it's a business and businesses don't happen overnight.

So I will go to the dentist, pay my bills, do my 'real' work and go for a walk to help my back today. I will also email a few more shops/blogs/galleries about my art because that's what I have to do now. And it's making me happy.

Well, that and maybe a little ice cream. And Netflix. And Ed. And my chihuahuas. But that's all. That's all I need. And this chair too...:D